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2013 NFL Draft: Chiefs Have Made Decision On No.1 Pick

The rumors are flying fast and furious this afternoon in the hours preceding the draft, but one of the stories seems to be a lock, in terms of reliability. New Kansas City Chiefs head coach, Andy Reid, made a brief appearance on the NFL Network's "Around the League" show to talk about their upcoming plans on the draft. Host Andrew Siciliano asked Reid about the No.1 overall pick and if they have made a decision.

Many believe that the Chiefs will surprise some and take left tackle Eric Fisher over Luke Joeckel. Some reports say that the Chiefs' braintrust love Fisher's athleticism and favor him over Texas A&M's Joeckel. We'll see if that actually is the case.

Meanwhile, the Chiefs are still working on a trade to send their current left tackle, Brandon Albert, elsewhere. It's likely that that trade would occur before or during the draft.