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2013 NFL Draft: Raiders Want Out Of No.3 Pick; Teams Want Lane Johnson There

There's a strong possibility that we could seethe first three consecutive picks of the 2013 NFL Draft all be offensive tackles. We now know that Eric Fisher is going No.1 to the Chiefs and that either the Jaguars, who hold the No.2 pick, or a willing trade partner will be looking at Luke Joeckel. There's now a report out saying that Oklahoma's Lane Johnson is the prize for many teams at No.3 overall.

According to draft insider Tony Pauline, the teams looking to land Johnson at No.3 may be in luck because the Raiders, who hold that pick, are looking to trade out of it. It's likely going to come at a hefty price, but with so many tackle-hungry teams out there, they're likely to find a suitor.

Buckle up. ESPN's Mel Kiper, Jr. said today that he expects this draft to be the craziest he's seen in 35 years.