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Mock Draft: Bengals Take LSU Safety Eric Reid

We're finally hitting a stretch with the mock drafts turning into real drafts. We'll know who the Bengals select by the end of the night. First one final mock.

Al Bello

When this weekend's NFL draft concludes Saturday evening, expect two things. Constant analysis regarding a team's selections, as well as grades and other arbitrary rankings. And the celebration of mock drafts being placed in a chain-locked vault and dumped in the Mariana Trench until next year (including Chris Berman optional).

So it totally makes sense we offer one of the few mock drafts remaining as the clock strikes closer to the first round of the 2013 NFL draft.

Don Banks with Sports Illustrated completed his final mock draft of the season giving Cincinnati LSU safety Eric Reid.

The Bengals would consider it a dream scenario if Kenny Vaccaro gets to No. 21, but there's real depth at safety in the second half of the first round, and Reid appears to be their choice over Florida International's Johnathan Cyprien.

The Bengals have shown favoring interest with most of the first-round safety prospects this year, including Vaccaro, Reid and Elam. It wasn't until later that Cincinnati expressed interest with Cyprien.