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2013 NFL Draft: Minnesota Vikings Select Tennesee Wide Receiver Cordarrelle Patterson

With the number twenty-nine pick in the 2013 NFL draft, the Minnesota Vikings have selected Tennesee wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson. Minnesota traded back into the first round, swapping picks with the New England Patriots to make their third first-round pick of 2013. The Patriots started the draft with only five picks, but have now gained another second, third, fourth, and seventh round picks from the Vikings, solidifying Bill Belichick's status as a draft day master.

Patterson now joins a depleted receiving corp in Minnesota, where he will line up opposite the newly signed Greg Jennings. Patterson is widely regarded as a phenomenal open-field runner, but there are some concerns about his ability to grasp an NFL offense and route tree.

With this pick, embattled linebacker Manti Te'o continues his draft day tumble, despite the Viking's rumored interest in him.