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The Cincinnati Bengals 2013 Draft Class

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Keeping tabs on the Cincinnati Bengals 2013 draft class with a chart that will be updated throughout the weekend.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Your 2013 Cincinnati Bengals draft class.

1 21 Tyler Eifert Notre Dame TE Selection
2 (From Oakland) 37 Giovani Bernard North Carolina TB Selection
2 53 Margus Hunt SMU DE Selection
3 84 Shawn Williams Georgia SS Selection
4 118 Sean Porter Texas A&M LB Selection
5 156 Tanner Hawkinson Kansas OL Selection
6 190 Rex Burkhead Nebraska RB Selection
6 (From New England) 197 Cobi Hamilton Arkansas WR Selection
7 (Compensatory) 240 Reid Fragel Ohio State OT Selection
7 (Compensatory) 251 T.J. Johnson South Carolina C Selection