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2013 NFL Draft: Jacksonville Jaguars Select Florida International Safety Jonathan Cyprien

With the number thirty-three pick in the 2013 NFL draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars have selected Florida International safety Jonathan Cyprien. So much for that dream. The Bengals were rumored to have heavy interest in Cyprien, who some regarded as the second-best safety in this year's class, but the Jaguars beat them to the punch. There was some initial speculation that Jacksonville might go quarterback with this pick, giving incumbent Blaine Gabbert the boot after only two years, but the Jags had other plans, opting to go with Cyprien, an enforcer type safety, to shore up their secondary.

The Bengals will now likely shift gears with their upcoming pick. The prevailing wisdom was that they would select a safety, but with the top tier of safeties having all been selected, the team will probably now look to fill holes at running back or linebacker.