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2013 NFL Draft: Pittsburgh Steelers Select Michigan State Running Back Le'Veon Bell

With the number forty-eight pick in the 2013 NFL draft, the Pittsburgh Steelers have selected Michigan State running back Le'Veon Bell. This pick comes as no surprise after the Steelers lost running back Rashard Mendenhall earlier in free agency to the Cardinals. What is surprising, though, is which running back the team selected, as Bell had lower grades attached to him than some of the other running backs still available. Nevertheless, Bell should come in and be a day one upgrade over the Steelers' current running backs. Playing around 230-240 pounds, Bell is a thumper in the running game, but tends to do a little more dancing at the line of scrimmage than a large back should.

The Steelers have long been famed as a run-first team, but have moved to more of a passing team in recent years. The selection of Bell should help steer them back to their ground game origins.