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Cincinnati Bengals Sign Undrafted Free Agent Auburn Offensive Guard John Sullen

The Bengals continued their undrafted free agent signings with an offensive lineman from Auburn in John Sullen.


The Bengals have continued to sign the prominent college players that went undrafted in this year's draft. They seem to be bolstering their offensive line, particularly towards the latter part of the draft. Such is the case with one other undrafted player that they have apparently brought in. According to multiple sources, the Bengals have brought in Auburn offensive tackle John Sullen.

At 6'5" and 315 pounds, Sullen is described as a "big ugly". Here is the scouting report on Sullen from


Tall, long, powerful guard prospect with a thick overall build. Plays with a wide base. Often comes low and hard out of his stance to gain leverage despite his height. Better feet than his build would indicate, effective as a zone-blocker and can execute a reach-block surprisingly well to get the angle. Mirrors while engaged in pass pro, brings a punch, and anchors strong against bulls. Controls his man with his upper body on zone or power run plays. Has intensity to drive defenders to the ground when gaining the advantage.


Height is a disadvantage in the leverage game if he’s unable to maintain bend. Sticks to linebackers on combos, but simply lacks agility to adjust to quick defenders in space. Mirroring one-on-one against quicker NFL tackles might be an issue, must prove lateral agility and recovery speed if missing his punch.


John Jerry

Most thought that Sullen would go on Saturday, day three, but the Bengals are the beneficiaries of a player falling later than expected. Sullen will be competing for a roster spot and/or a potential opportunity to be on the team's practice squad as a developmental player.