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Marvin Lewis: Bengals Won't Add Veteran Safety This Year

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Marvin Lewis said that even though the Bengals used a third round pick on a safety in the 2013 draft, but they won't be adding any veteran depth at the position.


The safety position. It's long been a position that has been neglected by the Cincinnati Bengals over the past couple of years and it has cost them. Still, the team has made moves via trade and late in the draft recently, but they still have yet to find some long-term solutions to the position opposite of Reggie Nelson.

In the third round this year, the Bengals took safety Shawn Williams out of Georgia at No.84 overall. Aside from him, the Bengals have unproven options like Robert Sands, George Iloka, as well as the disappointing Taylor Mays vying for the open starting job. Needless to say, someone needs to step up.

Apparently Marvin Lewis and the rest of the coaching staff don't share the pessimism of the outside Bengals fan. In speaking with the local media after the draft, Lewis said that a veteran safety isn't in their plans.

This seemingly wipes out any future plans of signing a player like Kerry Rhodes, who visited a couple of weeks ago. It also seems to move Chris Crocker out of the plans after he acted as a much-needed band-aid last year. If Lewis is indeed speaking truth here, it shows confidence in the rookie Williams and/or the other options that are currently on the Bengals' roster.