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NFL Draft Grades 2013: Breaks Down The Division

New, comments breaks down the NFL draft into divisions. Doesn't change anything. The Bengals just received more praise for their selections.

Kevin C. Cox

Based on general observations around the national and various local media (not just in Cincinnati), the Bengals and Ravens respectively won the division in terms of draft grades. The Steelers, with a solid weekend, are hovering around a "B" while the Browns are at the back of the pack -- but that might not be entirely fair. Cleveland is clearly prepping for 2014, accumulating a significant number of picks.

Dane Brugler, a contributor with that writes for, gives the Baltimore Ravens and Cincinnati Bengals an "A", writing about Cincinnati.

A year ago, I thought the Bengals had one of the NFL's top drafts and they started strong again this year with the interesting selection of Tyler Eifert, a terrific pass-catcher who'll complement A.J. Green and Andy Dalton's talent in the short to intermediate passing attack. The Bengals had been long rumored to like Giovani Bernard as a complement to Benjarvus Green-Ellis. They wasted no time in showing it, making the multi-purpose Tar Heel the first running back drafted in 2013.

The Bengals re-stock the defensive line each year, and the 6-foot-8, 277-pound Margus Hunt has the athleticism to prove a steal -- just like Michael Johnson, Carlos Dunlap and Geno Atkins as non-first-round picks for the Bengals. Finally, Cincinnati nabbed one of my personal favorites in Shawn Williams, a no-nonsense safety who'll bring some toughness in the secondary. I'm just as high on their third-day picks. Rex Burkhead would've been drafted much earlier a year ago but slipped after an injury-plagued senior season. And if Texas A&M outside linebacker Sean (Porter) and Kansas offensive tackle Tanner Hawkinson get in the weight room, they'll surprise. Grade: A