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Arkansas Cornerback Darius Winston Reportedly Headed To Cincinnati

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The Cincinnati Bengals are still signing college free agents, reportedly bringing Arkansas cornerback Darius Winston.


According to, Arkansas cornerback Darius Winston is headed to the Cincinnati Bengals.

Winston is reportedly the second cornerback signed as a college free agent by the Bengals, including Stanford cornerback Terrence Brown -- the Bengals won't make an actual announcement until early next week (possibly Sunday night).

Per National Football Post:

Winston has a very quick athlete and can get down the field and sideline to sideline quickly. Winston will blow coverage on a consistent basis as he turns his hips wide and does not flip his hips quickly enough to recover fast enough. He does have the quickness and speed to recover and get down the field, but if the QB sees the blown coverage quickly enough, he will not have the chance to recover. He has poor tackling skills and will go at the ball carriers legs, making his vulnerable to missed tackles. Overall, Winston does not have the skill set needed to be an effective DB at the next level. His speed will get him looks and may be a guy that you can use in special teams, but he will need to improve his strength and improve his tackling.

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