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No, The Bengals Should Not Sign Tim Tebow

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Seriously, it would be a bad idea.

Rick Stewart

Tim Tebow has been released by the Jets in a move that isn't surprising. What is surprising, though, is the chatter on Twitter from Bengals fans about how the team should sign the quarterback. Even The Cincinnati Enquirer's Paul Daugherty tweeted the Bengals should be interested.

I respect Tebow. I really do. He seems like a good person and he has worked hard to get where he is. He also seems like a good leader and a hard worker. Unfortunately, he's also been made into a sideshow by the media. He's likely going to be a backup quarterback where ever he's signed, but he may be the only backup quarterback that gets more press than the team's starter.

The Bengals lost their backup quarterback when Bruce Gradkowski signed with the Steelers and they need someone to be able to step in if Andy Dalton was to be injured. Gradkowski was familiar with Jay Gruden's offense and was a perfect backup for a West Coast system. Finding another backup similar to Gradkowski would be a much better fit. They've signed Josh Johnson, John Skelton and they also have Zac Robinson. One of those three will serve as a good backup. There's no need to add Tebow. He provides little more than Johnson or Skelton do.

Tebow would give the Bengals a backup, but he would also serve as a distraction. So much has been made of him by the media over the last few years that any team that signs him would have to deal with every reporter asking questions about a team's backup quarterback, a player that's not usually talked about at all. That's what happened in Denver and in New York.

This is Andy Dalton's team. Andy Dalton is the leader. The Bengals don't need to add a backup quarterback based on his leadership qualities. They should sign a backup that can step in for Dalton and win games if he's needed to. Tebow has won games in his time in the NFL, but there are other quarterbacks capable of doing the same thing that won't come with a media frenzy that eventually becomes a circus.

Nothing against the man, I just think the Bengals should avoid Tebow like the plague.