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NFL Draft Grade 2013: Bengals Earn B-

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A B- may be the lowest grade I've seen the Bengals get for their selections in the 2013 NFL Draft. Still a B- isn't terrible.


The Bengals have pretty much earned a 4.0 GPA when it comes to the grades given to them for their selections in the 2013 NFL Draft. And then along came Yahoo! Sports' Jason Cole' who just took a major dump in the punch bowl. He wasn't as impressed with the Bengals' draft and gave them a B-.

Picks: TE Tyler Eifert, RB Giovani Bernard, DE Margus Hunt, SS Shawn Williams, OLB Sean Porter, OT Tanner Hawkinson, RB Rex Burkhead, WR Cobi Hamilton, OT Reid Fragel, C T.J. Johnson.
Analysis: The Bengals generally followed their usual protocol of sticking directly to their board and picking the best athletic talent at that point in the draft. What makes this an interesting draft is that taking Eifert is a bit of a departure for them. The Bengals already have standout tight end Jermaine Gresham. Eifert would appear to be a luxury, but he could allow Cincy to play two-tight end packages almost exclusively. If that's the case, Bernard was a really good choice because of his quick, slashing running style. In Hunt, the Bengals got another talented athlete to pair with Geno Atkins in the middle. If Hunt pans out, the Bengals could be downright nasty on defense.
Grade: B-

Well he didn't really mention anything negative that would have downgraded the team's draft from an A to one step above a C, but I guess he has his reasons. He is right, though, on the team's first few picks. Eifert could allow the Bengals to imitate the the Patriots' two-tight end offense, which consistently puts them on top of the league, and with Bernard in the backfield, their running game would get a significant boost.

Hunt, has the potential to be a monster as a pass rusher as well. He's still learning the game of football, which makes his potential nearly unlimited due to his physical abilities.

It's hard to think the Bengals earn anything lower than an A for the players they've added to a team that has already been to the playoffs the last two years. Cole's only A actually went to the Dolphins.

His grades for the rest of the AFC North were a B for the Ravens, a C for the Browns and a C+ for the Steelers.