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2013 Cincy Jungle Mock Draft: New York Jets Select...

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With the No. 9 pick in the 2013 NFL Mock Draft, indesignkat selected for the New York Jets.


With the No. 9 pick in the 2013 Cincy Jungle Mock Draft, indesignkat selected for the New York Jets and with the ninth overall pick, the Jets select....

Jarvis Jones, OLB, Georgia

From Indesignkat:

When the 2012 college football season ended, Jarvis Jones was considered by many to be the number one prospect in the entire draft. Since then, durability concerns and an injury-weakened pro day have raised questions about where he'll be drafted. Originally on the USC squad, Jones suffered a spinal stenosis (sort of like a concussion for your neck) in 2009. The USC doctors told him to never play football again, so he went to the University of Georgia where he was cleared to play, then dominated the SEC for two years. If you watch the Georgia game tape on Jones you see speed, power, great vision, a ton of sacks, and the ability to cause a ridiculous amount of turnovers. If you only look at him in shorts with a tape measure and stopwatch, you see a guy who's too small to be a DE and too slow to be an OLB. Add that to his reputation as a guy who doesn't work out and the red flags are certainly warranted.

So why do the Jets take him at #9? First of all, the Jets run a 3-4 defense. A pass-rushing OLB in a 3-4 doesn't need the bulk of a 4-3 DE, nor the long speed and cover ability of a 4-3 OLB. Despite Jones' injury-hampered, OL-level 40 time at the Georgia pro day, game tape shows him speeding around the edge and chasing down ballcarriers regularly. In his two years at Georgia he had 28 sacks, 44 tackles for loss, and forced 9 fumbles in 26 games. Those are ridiculous numbers, and they came against some of the best teams in the NCAA. His knack for the strip-sack is a thing of beauty. The Jets badly need an OLB and Jones looks like Terrell Suggs 2.0, which anyone would be happy to have. It's possible he will continue to think he can just show up and play like he did in college, in which case he'll be gladhanding for some car dealership within a couple years, but if he commits to the workout regimen necessary to excel at the NFL level there is no ceiling for what he can do.

Finally, I spent quite a bit of time at Gang Green Nation, reading up on various draft threads. The two guys that pretty much everyone over there wants are Jarvis Jones and Chance Warmack. Nobody else even comes close to the support for those two picks. Choosing between a pass rusher and a guard at #9 isn't really any choice at all. The Jets take the pass rusher here and look to see which of the highly rated guards falls out of the first round (which of course some will) for their next pick.

Draft Overview:

# Team Picked By Name/Positon of Pick
1 Chiefs Jason Garrison Luke Joeckel, OT
2 Jaguars Hyprpwnmania Geno Smith, QB
3 Raiders Ryan Leach Dee Milliner, CB
4 Eagles Cincy841 Eric Fisher, OT
5 Lions FourthNGoal Ezekiel Ansah, DT
6 Browns Jason Garrison Sharrif Floyd, DT
7 Cardinals Cincy 841 Dion Jordan, DE/OLB
8 Bills Zak Kondratenko Cordarrelle Patterson, WR
9 Jets Indesignkat Jarvis Jones, OLB
10 Titans

11 Chargers

12 Dolphins

13 Buccaneers

14 Panthers

15 Saints

16 Rams

17 Steelers

18 Cowboys

19 Giants

20 Bears

21 Cincinnati

22 Rams (from Redskins)

23 Vikings

24 Colts

25 Vikings (from Seahawks)

26 Packers

27 Texans

28 Broncos

29 Patriots

30 Falcons

31 49ers

32 Ravens