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Top Safety Kenny Vaccaro Flying To Cincinnati Likely For A Visit With The Bengals

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According to his personal twitter page, former Texas safety Kenny Vaccaro is traveling to Cincinnati on Wednesday, likely to take part in a one-on-one visit with the Bengals.


With previous reports out of indicating that the Bengals are very likely to select a safety early in the 2013 NFL draft, it is no surprise that the team will be doing their homework on the top safety prospects of this year's draft class. Out of the handful of college safeties that could go within the first two rounds, none are more universally regarded as the leader of the group as Kenny Vaccaro.

So, putting two and two together, it would make an awful lot of sense for the Bengals to bring Vaccaro in for a one-on-one visit prior to the draft.

Now, according to Vaccaro's own twitter page early Wednesday morning, that seems to be exactly what is happening.

Unless Vaccaro is traveling to Cincinnati simply to take in the sights, it is very likely that he will be one of the 30 players the Bengals are allowed to privately host for a scouting visit. On his March 26th pro day, which Mike Zimmer attended, Vaccaro was limited by a hip injury that prevented him from running and jumping. Now that he is hopefully healed up, the Bengals will want to see him put through a whole gamut of drills and tests by their own coaches before they consider selecting him at pick number 21.

The Bengals will also be hosting WR Tavon Austin sometime next week.