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Nineteen Players Committed To Attend NFL Draft So Far

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The list of attendees for the event totals nineteen names, but two others remain undecided, bringing the possible total up to twenty-one.

Al Bello

In a series of tweets on Wednesday morning, ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter revealed the list of nineteen players scheduled to attend the NFL draft so far. (Note: In his tweets Schefter writes that they've only been invited, but later confirmed that these would be the actual attendees.)

So far, the list contains just about all the names you would expect. Most of these players have first round aspirations and are very likely to be selected high. Others, however, like Margus Hunt or E.J. Manuel might slip into the second round, extending their stay in the green room and deepening the awkwardness with every passing pick (like a certain third round cornerback the Bengals selected in 2010).

As of yet, only one player has declined the invitation, and you probably already know who it is. Citing a desire to remain out of the spotlight, Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o turned down his opportunity to participate in the event. Two others, QB Matt Barkley and DE/LB Dion Jordan are still undecided.

The draft begins on April 25th and runs through the 27th.