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Running Back Rex Burkhead Met President After He Was Drafted By Bengals

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After Nebraska running back Rex Burkhead was selected by the Bengals in the draft, he met the President Obama.


Before we get to the story, watch this video for some background information.

That video, as you can imagine, exploded on the Internet. After the draft, the young man in the video, Jack Hoffman, was invited to the White House to meet President Obama. He was accompanied by former Nebraska running back Rex Burkhead, who was selected by the Bengals' sixth-round pick (No. 190 overall). While the visit was mostly about Jack, Burkhead was able to talk to President Obama as well.

"He knew what was going on with the draft," Burkhead said of President Obama, according to the team's official website. "He asked me when camp started up and he said he had watched a couple of Hard Knocks so he felt like he knew what training camp was like. He asked me, 'What's the next step?' and I told him I had a rookie minicamp next weekend (May 9-12) and some OTAs after that."

"He told me he'd be on the lookout and wished me the best of luck," Burkhead said. "Hopefully I'll be back if we win the Super Bowl."

Burkhead said the 7-year-old boy's visit to the White House will likely raise awareness for pediatric brain cancer and that it was nice to see Jack interact with the President.

Burkhead, along with the rest of the rookies, either drafted or undrafted, and eligible first-year players, will report to rookie minicamp on March 10.