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NFL Schedule 2013: Bengals Preseason Schedule Announced

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The Cincinnati Bengals preseason schedule has been released.

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

The NFL released the preseason schedule on Thursday, giving Cincinnati four weekend dates (though exact dates have yet to be determined).

Atlanta Falcons Thursday, August 8; 8 p.m. Atlanta ESPN
Tennessee Titans AUGUST 15-19 Cincinnati Local
Dallas Cowboys AUGUST 22-25 Dallas Local
Indianapolis Colts AUGUST 29-30 Cincinnati Local

For the curious-minded, the Bengals preseason record is 20-21 during the Marvin Lewis era. The last time Cincinnati went undefeated was 2006 and the combined preseason record during seasons that the Bengals qualified for the postseason is 7-9 (during the Lewis era). The last time Cincinnati posted a winning record during the same year that they made the playoffs was 1988, when Cincinnati went 4-1 including a 14-7 win over the Los Angeles Rams during the Hall of Fame Game in Canton.

When the league releases the regular season schedule "later this month," the Bengals known opponents includes their intra-division rivals in the AFC North, as well as the AFC East, NFC North, rounding out the 16-game set with the Indianapolis Colts and San Diego Chargers.