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San Francisco 49ers Sign Offensive Tackle Anthony Davis To Five-Year Extension

The San Francisco 49ers sealed one of their core players Friday to a long-term deal.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

According to reports surfacing Friday morning, the San Francisco 49ers have signed offensive tackle Anthony Davis to a five-year extension worth $37.295 million, which includes $17 million in guarantees. Much like what the Bengals Bengals are hoping for, the 49ers are looking to retain their younger core players, including guys like Aldon Smith, Michael Crabtree and Colin Kaepernick in the next year or two.

Why is this relevant? Davis started 16 games at right tackle for the 49ers, graded much stronger as a run blocker than pass protector, allowing nine quarterback sacks and 31 pressures last season according to Pro Football Focus.

Bengals offensive tackle Andre Smith, who is arguably a better run blocker than pass protector (PFF disagrees), allowed seven quarterback sacks and 25 pressures.

Smith, currently a free agent, has drawn limited (aka, almost zero) interest on the free agent market. Despite that the whole concept of supply and demand, Smith isn't happy with Cincinnati's offer that's currently on the table, even though the Bengals have no reason to increase the supposed offer without a competing offer.

Of the contracts signed by offensive tackles during the offseason, Jake Long carries the highest average of $8.5 million. Sebastian Vollmer carries the supposed floor with an average anywhere between $4.25 million and $6.75 million, depending on nearly $10 million worth of incentives that could be earned. Davis' contract averages out to $7.5 million.