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Eric Reid To Visit Bengals

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LSU safety Eric Reid is going to visit the Cincinnati Bengals next week, according to sources.


LSU safety Eric Reid is going to be headed to Cincinnati next week to visit the Bengals, according to FOX Sports' Alex Marvez.

Reid is considered a top-five safety in this year's draft class and will likely be taken off the board in the first couple rounds. He is big, tough, athletic and intelligent and excels in pass coverage as well as in run support. He has plenty of range to make plays all over the field and his only knock is he can be too aggressive at times. compares him to Mark Barron.

The Bengals' need at safety is well documented. They've shuffled several players through the strong safety position over the last couple seasons to play next to free safety Reggie Nelson but none have really worked out very well. They are expected to use one of their first four draft picks, all in the first three rounds, to bring in the team's future strong safety due to the fact that the draft class is deep with talented safeties.