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Keep The Conversation Goin': More Redrafts From The 2009 NFL Draft

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If you could redraft the 2009 NFL draft, who would you give the Cincinnati Bengals?

Nick Laham

It's the time of year. Things are slow. Debates are generated using devices meant to stimulate the conversation.

Last week ran a "redraft" series of the 2009 NFL draft. Knowing what you know today, applying to a draft four years ago based on the chemical makeup of the team during that time, Elliot Harrison gave Cincinnati running back Arian Foster.

Foster, who amazingly went undrafted in 2009, goes sixth overall in the re-draft. Still too low? Well, I have my reasons ... Steven Jackson was outstanding in 2009 for the Rams, Jamaal Charles has been a great pick for the Chiefs, and the Marshawn Lynch deal worked well for the Seahawks. The issue: the Jets. Thomas Jones and Shonn Greene provided a real 1-2 punch for a club that landed in the AFC Championship Game. It's the passing game that's been the HUGE problem. Thus, the Jets snag Harvin, and Foster lands in Cincy, which ultimately makes re-signing Cedric Benson unnecessary. Or, Foster beats out Benson sometime in 2010, allowing the Bengals to shop Benson for extra picks.

Nate Davis with the USA Today similarly redrafts the 2009 NFL draft. Instead of selecting offensive tackle Andre Smith, he has Cincinnati selecting wide receiver Hakeem Nicks.

No truly elite wideout has emerged from this draft, but Nicks, when healthy, is arguably the best of a good-to-great group. He could have initially complemented and ultimately replaced a declining Chad Ochocinco, then might've provided a needed running mate for A.J. Green in later years. Smith has played much better lately but wasn't worthy of being drafted nearly this early.