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Mock Draft: Bengals Addressing Needs At Safety, Linebacker And Running Back

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There are enough mock drafts floating around the internet that could equal the number of humans on planet Earth. However only a few actually makes sense.


Despite my personal reservations, I know that people enjoy mock drafts, observaing perspectives within possible scenarios that could play out during the NFL draft. Sometimes someone might accidentally get every selection picked in the first round, but mostly it's a crap shoot after the first. You pick players based on projected needs of a team, but to conduct a mock draft, those mock drafters must have a clear idea on what those team needs are, how it's built and whether or not a certain player even fits.

NFL draft expert Chris Steuber released a two-round mock draft this weekend. During previous mocks, Steuber has remained steadfast on giving the Bengals a safety in the first round. A solid idea; one that we're favoring. This version is no different, giving the Bengals safety Kenny Vaccaro. During the SB Nation writers mock draft, we selected Vaccaro also. Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer ran drills with Vaccaro during Texas' Pro Day and the team recently hosted a predraft visit.

With the No. 37 pick, Steuber gives the Bengals North Carolina running back Giovani Bernard, who recently had dinner with team officials in Cincinnati. Rounding out the second round of his mock draft, Steuber gives Cincinnati outside linebacker Jamie Collins.

Solid mock, at least addressing positions of need -- unlike some.