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2013 NFL Mock Draft: Bengals Beef Up Defense In 3-Round Mock

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The Bengals were three parts defense and one part offense in SB Nation's latest three-round mock draft.


The 2013 NFL Draft is right around the corner but until the clock strikes 8 p.m. on the 25th, all we have is mock drafts. SB Nation's Matthew Fairburn came out with a brand spanking new three-round mock that has the Bengals beefing up the defense.

First, the Bengals grab Florida International safety Jonathan Cyprien with the No. 21 overall pick.

I'm still under the assumption that the Bengals get a deal done with Andre Smith. If not, this pick becomes D.J. Fluker. That leaves Cincinnati open to go after Cyprien, a talented safety prospect that can run and hit. Another wide receiver or a running back could get some consideration with this choice, but Cyprien could have a bigger impact on the team.

Next, the Bengals take their only offensive player in this particular mock draft, selecting North Carolina running back Giovani Bernard.

The Bengals need to find a threat at running back in this draft. Giovani Bernard is the best prospect in this draft and fits what the Bengals do on offense. He would be a threat out of the backfield as well.

With their next second-round pick, the Bengals decide to beef up the defensive line by selecting UCLA defensive end Datone Jones with the No. 53 overall pick.

Datone Jones is a man without a natural position, so he could slide some. The Bengals can't complain about adding a player of his caliber, though.

And finally, the Bengals stick with the defensive end position in the third round by selecting Western Kentucky's Quanterus Smith.

The biggest needs heading into the upcoming draft are definitely safety and running back and one could argue defensive end as well since both Michael Johnson and Carlos Dunlap will be unrestricted free agents in 2014. However, if the Bengals are unable to re-sign Smith, the biggest need becomes right tackle and the team's first-round pick will likely be D.J. Fluker or another right tackle, pushing safety and running back into the second round.

What do you think of this mock draft?