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Taylor Bradley Tweets He Has Scheduled Workout With Bengals

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Central Michigan defensive back Taylor Bradley Tweeted that he has a workout scheduled with the Bengals on April 16.


Central Michigan defensive back Taylor Bradley Tweeted on Monday that he has a scheduled workout with the Cincinnati Bengals on April 16, the scheduled date for all local prospects to workout for the team.

Bradley, who lists himself as a cornerback on Twitter, is listed as a safety by many draft analysts. He is a Cincinnati native and was a fifth-year senior in 2012. He was originally brought to Central Michigan as a wide receiver, where he started four games his freshman year. They made the switch to cornerback his sophomore season, where he worked his way into the starting lineup by the end of the season.

He was put back at receiver in 2010 but again switched to defense in 2011 where he stayed for the next two seasons. In 2012, Bradley played in eight games, picked off his third career pass and was a major player on defense on the way to the team's upset over Iowa and on their way to the Little Caesars Pizza Bowl.

Whether he's working out for the Bengals as a defensive back or a wide receiver is unclear, but the Bengals could use help at both positions. There is little known about Bradley, but players from schools the size of Central Michigan and smaller with little to know national press have made huge impacts on the NFL before.