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Bengals Hosting Tight End Alex Smith On Wednesday

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The Cincinnati Bengals are looking at their pre-draft options with players to fill out the roster.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

According to his agent Kevin Robinson, free agent tight end Alex Smith is scheduled to visit with the Cincinnati Bengals on Tuesday. The report was initially tweeted by Adam Caplan.

A former third-round pick during the 2005 NFL draft by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Smith has gone on to build a reputation as a blocker. It's a position that the Bengals have targeted throughout free agency with free agents like Matt Spaeth and Kellen Davis, eventually leading to the team re-signing Richard Quinn.

Smith has generated 160 receptions for 1,461 yards receiving and 12 touchdowns in 103 career games over eight seasons with the Buccaneers, Philadelphia Eagles and Cleveland Browns.

There is some idle speculation (though not entirely substantiated) that the Bengals could look at tight end during the mid-to-later rounds of the 2013 NFL draft.