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The CJs: 2012 Bengals Season Award For Special Teams Player Of The Year

Though we have taken a break, the final CJ Awards roll on. We take a look at some of the nominees for the Special Teams Player of the Year. Cast your vote and sound off!

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

It has been a little while since we gave out awards to some deserving Bengals players from the 2012 season, but we're back to finish up the last few. We took a brief hiatus because of the massive influx of news surrounding free agency, the draft and rookie minicamp, but we have a small lull and we're going to give out the remaining awards.

The next award that we will be doing is for the Special Teams Player of the Year. A few of us sounded off on the topic, but we'll let you vote after.

Jason Garrison: Kevin Huber had a solid year, averaging 46.6 yards per punt. While many fans overlook the team's punter, he's one of the most important players on the team. Even with a sub-par offense, if a good punter is paired with a good defense, the two can completely control a game. Huber had 37 punts downed within the 20-yard line and only seven touchbacks in 2012, which helped the Bengals defense pin opposing offenses back, giving the offense good field position. There was definitely more than one game won by Huber's leg and the defense.

Mike Townsend: Adam Jones. In 2012 Jones' 15.3 yards per return ranks third in the NFL behind Buffalo's Leodis McKelvin and New England's Julian Edelman. If he wasn't busting his ass as one of our top Cornerbacks, he probably would have been used even more often. Even at 50% or so of all the returns, he still made me happy he was 'the guy'. Since I believe he won't be our return guy in 2013, this is a tip of the hat to a guy who has been fantastic for the Bengals. Thanks, Mr. Jones.

Anthony Cosenza: I'm going to go against the grain a little bit and go with Josh Brown. The journeyman place kicker filled in excellently for the injured Mike Nugent and made the biggest and likely most difficult kick of the year with the playoff-clincher in Pittsburgh. Though he wasn't with the team the full season, he kicked with almost a 92% accuracy. In just four regular season games with the Bengals, Brown was responsible for 41 points--over ten per game.

Mickey Mentzer: I have to go with Adam Jones as well. Truly electric on special teams last season and an all-around playmaker.

Who gets your vote for The CJ Award for Bengals 2012 Special Teams Player of the Year?