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Bengals CB Adam Jones "Apparently" Tweaked His Calf

The Cincinnati Bengals have some minor tweaks and nagging issues, but nothing that would affect training camp.

Andy Lyons

At some point during practice on Tuesday, Bengals wide receiver Marvin Jones was tracking a deep ball thrown by quarterback Andy Dalton. Safety Taylor Mays and cornerback Adam Jones were covering.

Well, they tried.

Jones' blazing speed broke free from coverage, hauling in the deep pass that Joe Reedy with the Cincinnati Enquirer observed "might have been the nicest of the day. Jones was able to get a couple steps on the defensive backs and Dalton was able to lay it in there."

Soon after, Adam Jones gingerly walked off the field; though we're not sure if it was immediately after the play or several plays later. Geoff Hobson with postulates that Jones "apparently" tweaked his calf.

Whatever it is, it's not believed to be serious, but one has to assume that Adam Jones might be finished with practice this week -- OTAs are simply not that important for veteran players already established in the system, considering most of these sessions are dedicated to coaching and instruction, instead of actual practices that you see during training camp.