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John Skelton Compares A.J. Green To Larry Fitzgerald

Bengals quarterback John Skelton compares Bengals third-year receiver A.J. Green to Cardinals veteran Larry Fitzgerald.


When the Bengals claimed quarterback John Skelton off waivers from the Cardinals, they were pulling the quarterback away from one of the most respected veteran wide receivers in the league: Larry Fitzgerald. During OTAs on Tuesday, Skelton compared Bengals third-year wide receiver A.J. Green to Fitzgerald, according to FOX Sports Ohio's Kevin Goheen.

Unfortunately for Fitzgerald, after Kurt Warner's retirement, he was subjected to the sub-par quarterback play of guys like Derrick Anderson, Kevin Kolb and several others. Still, he has managed to make struggling quarterbacks look good and is one of the premier offensive threats in the league. What is most impressive about Fitzgerald is his professionalism. For a wide receiver that has a lot to complain about, he never seems to say a bad work about a single teammate.

Green couldn't get a better compliment than to be compared to Fitzgerald. In his two seasons in the league he has 2,407 receiving yards and 18 touchdowns in regular-season games and has been the biggest reason Andy Dalton has found some success on the field. If he goes on to have a career similar to Fitzgeralds, he'll not only go down in history as the greatest Bengals receiver of all time, but one of the premier receivers in the history of the NFL.