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Marvin Lewis on Cobi Hamilton: "We think he's going to make us better"

The Bengals have always fallen in love with their sixth-round draft picks. Cobi Hamilton might be the biggest bromance yet.

Joe Robbins

It wouldn't be the first time that the Cincinnati Bengals felt like they've found a steal in the sixth round.

It was Bernard Scott's potential and athleticism that keeps the spark alive, even through the durability question marks. They were high on Dezmon Briscoe, before he signed a six-figure contract to be on Tampa Bay's practice squad. Even Matt Toeaina, currently an unrestricted free agent, projected promise, evident by the Chicago Bears snagging him from Cincinnati's practice squad and starting 24 games in the windy city. They made room for Ryan Whalen last year, taking seven wide receivers into the regular season.

The Cincinnati Bengals love their sixth-round picks, and former Arkansas wide receiver Cobi Hamilton isn't the exception.

"Cobi has not disappointed us at all. We really think he's going to make us better," Lewis said via High praise, reflecting a rookie's projection and the effect it will have with the team. You expect that out of Tyler Eifert and Giovani Bernard. But Hamilton?

The praise has been instantaneous since he was draft. During rookie minicamp when Hamilton, who lined up primarily outside, was observed making a couple of nice grabs, especially in traffic.

"He'll challenge to make the squad and become a player," Gruden said during the team's rookie minicamp. "Cobi's an exciting guy. He's bigger than I thought he was. He's taller. He's got good stride to him, he's got good hands, he's tough. In Arkansas he ran a lot of crossing routes so we knew he wasn't afraid to go across the middle. We like Cobi. We're impressed with what he's done so far."

Too soon to label Hamilton as a lock? At least Whalen has to be worried.