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Andre Smith Seems To Be In Good Shape Despite Contract Holdout

The Bengals and right tackle Andre Smith finally came to an agreement last weekend to bring him back for the next three years. One lingering concern was what kind of shape that he would be in and editor Geoff Hobson quells our fears in that regard.


It was a long and arduous battle, but the Cincinnati Bengals and right tackle Andre Smith finally came to a contract agreement over draft weekend. The announcement was a welcomed surprise that made for an exciting Friday evening, peaking with the subsequent announcements that running back Giovani Bernard, defensive lineman Margus Hunt, and safety Shawn Williams had been selected by the team.

On Wednesday evening, I was able to join Nick Seuberling for episode No.98 of "Who-Dey Weekly" and we had the opportunity to interview editor Geoff Hobson to get some Bengals inside scoop. Aside from asking him the question on a possible Thomas Howard reunion, I asked Hobson about how Smith was looking, in terms of fitness-level.

AC: "One of the things that was a bit overshadowed on draft weekend for the Bengals was the re-signing of Andre Smith. I don't know if you saw Andre up close recently, but how is he looking, in terms of being in shape and we know he's had some weight issues in the, kind of curious how he's looking at the moment."

GH: "You know, he looks okay. He'll get down more I think, when things start kicking off. He's been working out--I talked to a guy that knows him and said he's (Smith) been serious about working out. He's been working out at a place in Birmingham (Alabama), a little hole-in-the-wall.

I think he's in a good place, mentally, you know? I think this really hung on him. I think he really wanted a sense of security, I know there was talk about a one-year deal...and I think the long-term deal will help himout mentally and when we talked to him, you could tell he was at peace."

A big thanks to Nick Seuberling for hosting the outstanding podcast and thanks to Geoff Hobson of for taking time out to talk to us. You can download the entire podcast on iTunes right now!