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Bengals Invite 9 Locals To Try Out During Rookie Minicamp

The Bengals released a list of nine players that will be trying out during rookie minicamp.


The Bengals have the rookies they selected in the draft, the undrafted free agents they signed and eligible first-year players all set to attend rookie minicamp. They also announced on Tuesday that there will be nine additional players, most with local ties, that will be attending to try out for the team.

The following players trying out for the Bengals are:

  • Center Mario Venavides, who played at Louisville
  • CB Cameron Cheatham, who played at University of Cincinnati
  • WR John Goodman, who payed at Notre Dame and is from Fort Wayne, Ind.
  • S/CB Brian Gamble, who played at Ashland and is from Massillion, Ohio
  • QB Taylor Housewright, who played at Ashland is from Ashland, Ohio
  • P Scott Kovandra, who played at Ball State
  • QB Ryan Radcliff, who played at Central Michigan and is from Sherwood, Ohio
  • WR/TE Nick Truesdell, who played at Grand Rapidcs CC and is from Cincinnati
  • DE/LB Taylor Wyndham, who played at Kentucky

These players are all likely long shots to make the team's final roster, but one or two could possibly find a home on the practice squad. Also, you never know, one of these players could go on to be a future starter for the Bengals and help them reach the next level in the playoffs.

Rookie minicamp begins on May 10 and goes through May 12.