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Wayback Machine: A look at through the years

It's Saturday during the season, which means our minds start wandering out of sheer boredom.

No one wears this jacket anymore either.
No one wears this jacket anymore either.
Grant Halverson

Taking a momentary break from other writing projects this weekend, the waves of internet surfing took me to, which caches sites through the years.

So we took a look at through the years.

2000: The primary website as it appeared since the dawn of the internet as we know it today. This appearance would stick around until September 2004.


2004: The first major revision that added the exponentially and vastly increasing usage of online videos, available thanks to the growing availability of a cable modem and DSL. However, due to its bulky design that tried shoving videos down our collective throats, the design didn't last.


2005: Ah, that's better. The initial design that would be the basis for the team's website for the next seven years.


2007: Much more darker design, adding a black tint around the boards in the header background.


2009-Current: hasn't undergone a significant (at least noticeable) redesign going on four years. At least there's no more pictures of Carson Palmer.