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Adam Jones' Agent Calls Arrest 'Travesty Of Justice"

According to his agent, Jones was acting in self-defense after he was hit in the head with a thrown beer bottle.

Patrick Smith

Well, so much for a quiet offseason.

As we posted earlier on Monday, Bengals cornerback Adam Jones tweeted out that he had been arrested for trying to defend himself. At the time, that was all the information Jones offered, which left us to assume the worst based on his previous arrest record. Now, however, more details of Jones' arrest have been revealed via ESPN's Adam Schefter, and it appears that Jones' account of the events might not be far off.

According to his agent, Jones was at a bar following a Reds game, where he was approached by two women seeking permission for a photo with the cornerback. When Jones declined, the women turned hostile and threw a beer bottle that struck him in the head. At that point, Jones slapped one of the women and said, "What are your doing? Stop it!"

But here's where the story takes its turn for the worst. Jones' agent insists that multiple witnesses can corroborate his clients' version of events, but that police have only contacted the two women involved in the conflict, hence the arrest.

Schaffer also told Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk that "If it was anybody other than Adam Jones, they (police) would have investigated it. If it was anybody other than Adam Jones, they wouldn't have arrested them". An interesting statement to say the least.

So while this story is hardly a positive one, perhaps we can take a small step back from the ledge. If Jones and his agent are to be believed, then he truly was just defending himself. Until then, well remain in our holding pattern and try to keep you updated as new information arises.

Stay tuned.

(Anthony Cosenza contributed to this story.)