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Cincinnati Prosecutor confirms that Jones will be charged with assault

The story regarding Adam Jones' incident from last Wednesday continues to evolve.

Andy Lyons

According to Carrie Blackmore Smith and Joe Reedy, both with the Cincinnati Enquirer, Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Adam Jones has been formally charged with "one count of assault for punching a female patron outside of a Downtown bar."

As the evolving story goes, two women approached Jones at a local bar following the Cincinnati Reds game on Wednesday. They had asked to take a picture with Jones. Citing his marriage and a desire not to have pictures of him with two women on social media from a bar, Jones refused.

Jones' agent Peter Schaffer told reporters:

Jones had a bottle of beer thrown at him by one of the patrons and that he turned around and slapped the person. Schaffer said Jones had no idea who threw the bottle.

According to the Enquirer's report, no other names were included in the police report, including an alleged suspect that threw the bottle.

Jones is reportedly planning to turn himself in on Monday.