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Video of the incident involving Adam Jones

The story of Adam Jones' alleged assault continues with the release of the video.

Andy Lyons

Peter Schaffer, the agent for Adam Jones who was charged with assault on Monday, has been promising the media that a video exists that backs Jones' version of events. According to reports, Jones refused to have a picture taken of him with two women, who then threw a bottle at Jones. Jones claimed to be defending himself when he turned around and hit one of the women.

Artrell Hawkins, a former Bengals defensive back and current radio host, acquired the video of assault. The incident begins at the 1:04 mark.

Obviously you can't hear what's being said, but Jones appears at the top of the video, to the right of the railing. You see one women walk away while another engages with Jones. At one point you see the bottle around Jones' upper-chest, who then slugs the woman. Then his friend pulls Jones away while the girl he slugged literally bounced back up and began walking at pace with Jones.

Here's where we're confused.

No bottle appeared to be thrown -- it appeared that the liquid inside the bottle was dumped on Jones, and it's obviously clear that Jones was close, if not completely, in contact with the bottle itself. There's also a railing between Jones and the alleged bottle-throwing assailant, so we're not sure why Jones doesn't just take two steps back.

Either way, we weren't there, couldn't hear the video and it makes no sense to generate any formal opinion based on that.