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Why the Bengals won't release Adam Jones after latest entanglement

We've received several responses in the past 24 hours why the Bengals should release Adam Jones. Here's why they won't.


Along with comments on the stories that went up on Monday, I've received a handful of passionate emails that the Cincinnati Bengals should release cornerback Adam Jones after his latest legal entanglement. Though his latest issue isn't so much about fault, most cite the distraction he brings when this happens and the continuing nature of Jones. who seems to find himself in these situations.

Let's just be clear.

The Bengals won't release Adam Jones. For one thing Cincinnati won't even comment on Jones' latest run-in until after the legal process has played out, so don't expect anything soon.

It makes even less sense to release Jones when factoring the roster. Terence Newman is getting older, Dre Kirkpatrick is by no means a certainty and the oft-injured Brandon Ghee would become your slot cornerback. Things become slightly more precarious when you factor a possible Jones departure.

Additionally Jones carries $1.5 million in dead money if he's released this year. The total comes from his signing bonus, as well as his 2013 base salary, all of which is guaranteed this year. Or roughly 28 percent of the total value of his three-year deal.

We get the passionate defense to keep this team clean of character risks, but other that, there's no practical reason to release Jones. He's a good cornerback, an even better punt returner and the cost to release him (financially and roster strength) may be a bit much.