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Marvin Lewis on Adam Jones' assault charge: "Unfortunate"

We didn't expect Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis to offer much in reaction to Adam Jones' latest legal entanglement during his press conference on Tuesday. When asked about the situation, Lewis said that he hasn't seen the video, but called it "unfortunate."

"The situation Adam Jones is in obviously is not something that you want to get involved in", Lewis said. "It’s unfortunate that he’s in this situation and that’s really about all I can add to it. This has got to work its way out whichever way it does. Many of you have probably seen the video, which I haven’t, but I’ve had enough people tell me about it since last Tuesday, or whenever it happened (Wednesday)."

Jones is currently with the team, but isn't expected to practice with a calf injury that he suffered several weeks ago. However he's not planning to speak with the media, based on (good) advice from his lawyers and agent.