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911 call from the woman in the Adam Jones assault released

The 911 call from the Adam Jones incident last Wednesday was released.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Cincinnati Enquirer obtained and released the 911 call from the woman that Adam Jones had an "entanglement" with last week. Go ahead. Give it a listen.

After spending about a minute informing the 911 operator where her location was, the woman, who identified herself as Shannon, immediately told the operator: "I was just punched in the head by a Bengals player named Pacman Jones, outside the bar."

The operator asked questions about Jones' description (skin color, height, weight, age), more or less information gathering.

Eventually the woman went on to say that Jones called her "a (bleep)" after she stood up to him because he was saying "derogatory things" to her friends. She then said Jones "punched me in the head." The woman (Shannon) declined an ambulance but said she's very "upset", that it was "unacceptable" and that she wanted him arrested.

Here's a portion of that transcript.

Woman who identified herself as Shannon: "He was harassing my friends and saying derogatory things to my friends and I stood up for them. He called me a (bleep) and punched me in the head."

I'll tell you one thing, she didn't sound drunk, just rattled.