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Adam Jones scheduled to speak at NFL Rookie Symposium; League monitoring case

While she said and he said arguments have been laid out via a 911 call, a surveillance video, and ESPN interview, we file an update provided by Joe Reedy on other matters.

Patrick Smith

According to Joe Reedy with the Cincinnati Enquirer, Adam Jones is "scheduled to speak at the NFL Rookie Symposium in Cleveland later this month." This will be the second time in as many years that Jones spoke to rookies. Last year Jones' speech highlighted some of the issues that Jones has faced over his life, including the legendary mention of spending over $1 million during a weekend.

"I wouldn't want any of those guys to go through what I've gone through," Jones told "It's not fun being on the news everyday for this mistake or that mistake because your boy did this or you did that. At the end of the day, my oldest girl is six right now, and she can read. She can type my name into a computer. You don't want her to see all of those negative things."

Joe adds that NFL spokesman Greg Aiello would "review the case once the legal proceedings were concluded." There's a good chance a suspension happens, depending on how the case turns out.

We get that the Adam Jones updates are a little much, and frankly, you have to remember that not only do we read them as well, we're the one's producing them. You think we like that? Of course not. But then we don't control the flow, or as Mr. Universe calls it, "the Signal, Mal."