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Marvin Lewis: You sign on to do a certain thing. Win championships

Bengals head coach is lacking playoff wins and championships on his resume, and he knows it. That's what drives him.

Matthew Stockman

Marvin Lewis will long be remembered after he coaches his final game for the Cincinnati Bengals. No head coach in franchise history has more wins than Lewis (79). Not Paul Brown (55), not Sam Wyche (64), no one.

Since being named as the ninth coach in franchise history in early January 2003, the Bengals have had as many winning seasons (4) as they've had during the previous 20 years before Lewis (1982-2002).

Yet, it's not enough.

Lewis has successfully applied and integrated rebuilding projects twice (three times if you include 2009). One thing is noticeably absent on his resume. Playoff wins. And Lewis is aware of that.

"You sign on to do a certain thing, and that's to win a championship," Lewis told Clark Judge with, "and we haven't done that."

It's the drive that sustains his ambitions, waking up before 5 a.m. to piece together an itinerary for Wednesday's practice.

"But that's my point. Maybe I'm fortunate enough to win a Super Bowl this year in New York, and I walk away. That's literally how I feel about it because when it's not that important to me anymore I'm in somebody's way.

"If it's not that important to drive me every day to be better, I'm not the right person for the job. I'm letting people down. Everybody's counting on me in every way to be right in every decision we make. So, to answer your question, I love what I do; I love coming to work."