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Adam Jones AND woman ordered to stay away from each other

Bengals cornerback Adam Jones has been ordered to stay away from the woman that's accusing him of assault. Ironically, the woman was issued the same order to stay away from Jones.

Andy Lyons

Now things are weird.

Predictably, a local judge has ordered that Adam Jones say away from the woman that accused Jones of assault. In a bout of fair play, the same "Stay Away Order" was issued to the same woman to stay away from Adam Jones on Friday.

Why would this be needed? It's not like they would actively search each other out.

For one thing, both of them work at Paul Brown Stadium.


"So they just have to avoid each other and be adults about this and if they're passing in the hallway there better not be any words on either side. But both of them are ordered to stay away from each other it goes both ways equally."

Jones attorney says any contact between the two would be incidental. Even so, the judge says should say nothing to each other should they come into contact in the hallway or parking garage.

The woman, according to Local 12, works in the suites during games.

During her 911 call minutes after the incident, the woman claimed not to know Jones, informed of his identity by witnesses and fellow patrons.

A magistrate denied a restraining order against Jones on Thursday, "saying there has not been a pattern of behavior by Jones to justify a restraining order."