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Megatron On The Biggest Thing He Likes About AJ Green

Calvin Johnson and AJ Green. They have more than a few mutual connections.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Both were college football stars in the state of Georgia - A.J. Green at Georgia, and Calvin Johnson at Georgia Tech. As a freshman at Georgia, Green's quarterback was Matthew Stafford, who now throws to Johnson with the Detroit Lions. Both are humble, quiet, and hardworking.

Most importantly, both are arguably the best receivers in the NFL.

Green and Johnson have been working out together during the past two summers thanks to their mutual connection to Stafford and the state of Georgia. Johnson and a few Bengals players were all invited to Green's "Skills Camp" on Thursday at his hometown high school in Summerville, South Carolina.

At the camp, Johnson spoke with local media, where he was asked what he likes most about Green.

"I'll tell you, the biggest thing I like about AJ, is what he's been doing off the field to get ready for next year," said Johnson. "We've been training together the past few years, but seeing him training, strengthening himself with us in the off-season program we do at home. After we leave, that gives him plenty of respect but it's going to make him a better player."

Hard work. A nice change of pace from the offseason news stories and TV shows and hoopla that surrounded a certain Bengals receiver a couple years ago.

Last summer, Green had similar comments for his mentor himself.

"Just the way (Johnson) works, man," Green said. "Just the way he goes about his business, the way he's stayed humble and kept his head down. He leads by example."

When the number one receiver in the NFL is your good friend and an even better role model, there's nothing better than that.