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Terrell Owens visited Chad Johnson in jail

While Johnson has another hearing on Monday that could end with his sentence being reduced, Terrell Owens was humbled seeing his friend in jail.

Joe Robbins

While Chad Johnson is completing his 30-day jail sentence for violating his probation (with a loose hand that caused laughter in the courtroom), former teammate and good friend Terrell Owens tweets that he visited his old friend this weekend.

"Just visited the homie @ochocinco. He's in good spirits, he needs a haircut already tho. Lol. He sends his best regards to everyone," Owens wrote, adding it was the first time he had visited anyone in prison.

"I really didn't know what to expect but to see the homie locked up is a very humbling experience, to talk to him via vid conference let me know that's not where anyone wants to be. I know he's only in the county jail but to someone that has never been locked up...Jail is Jail!"

Johnson will have another hearing for Monday. His lawyer asked for a reduction in Johnson's sentence, arguing that the former NFL star was showing "appreciation" for his plea deal that was eventually denied.