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WhoDey Weekly interview with Hue Jackson

We had the opportunity to interact with the Bengals at the Taste of the NFL event presented by the Freestore Foodbank. Here is our conversation with Hue Jackson.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

To be honest, when I was thinking of what Bengal to interview next as I was dashing around the event, Hue Jackson never crossed my mind. It wasn't that I didn't think he would be a good interview, it is just he was not in the forefront of my thoughts. However, as I watched him walk by, I instantly thought to myself that he would be a good sound bite. I am glad I stopped him.

I of course started off asking him what it was like to be back in Cincinnati. I then followed with if it was familiar or a big change. He talked about some familiarity, but there were a lot of "Great" changes. One interesting comment was how he said he could see the influence of Marvin Lewis and Mike Zimmer with the size of the players on defense.

I also asked what he was excited about this season. He named all the coaches and staff and that the Bengals were set up well. He also talked about the goal of course being the Super Bowl but that there were no guarantees.

Take a listen to the full interview here: WhoDey-Weekly and Hugh Jackson

Thanks to Hue Jackson for taking the time to talk with us at the event. The Taste of the NFL presented by the Freestore Foodbank was an opportunity for fans to connect with the coaches, players and front office for the Cincinnati Bengals. Over 40 local restaurants offered food tastings and beverages and there were silent \ live auctions for some really great items. If you are not familiar with the Freestore Foodbank this is from their site:

The Freestore Foodbank distributes over 19 million pounds of food annually. In 20 counties in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, we have a trusted network of over 275 local member agencies. Member agencies include soup kitchens and shelters, food pantries, churches, daycare and senior centers, and many other community and social services organizations.