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WhoDey Weekly interview with Dave Lapham

We had the opportunity to interact with the Bengals at the Taste of the NFL event presented by the Freestore Foodbank. Here is our conversation with Dave Lapham.

At the Taste of the NFL event, I expected a ton of media. I did see channel 12 set up a news stand there, but other than that I didn't see anyone else. I did however bump into some media big wigs. I got a picture with Solomon Wilcots and Merril Hoge. Then I saw the voice of the Bengals Dave Lapham.

I knew I could talk to Dave all day and so I asked some basic questions and let him talk. I started with his expectations for the season. He talked about roster depth and stacking 5 good drafts together. One cool comment was that when he asks people about the Bengals they all talk about the depth of the team and how good players are going to be cut.

I then transition into what he thinks about Tyler Eifert and if he thinks Eifert gets the catches or opens the offense for the other players. Dave thinks it will be a little of both and raves about Eiferts abilities.

Make sure to listen to the whole interview, the shout out he gives us at the end is awesome.

Take a listen to the full interview here: WhoDey-Weekly and Dave Lapham

Thanks to Dave Lapham for taking the time to talk with us at the event. The Taste of the NFL presented by the Freestore Foodbank was an opportunity for fans to connect with the coaches, players and front office for the Cincinnati Bengals. Over 40 local restaurants offered food tastings and beverages and there were silent \ live auctions for some really great items. If you are not familiar with the Freestore Foodbank this is from their site:

The Freestore Foodbank distributes over 19 million pounds of food annually. In 20 counties in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, we have a trusted network of over 275 local member agencies. Member agencies include soup kitchens and shelters, food pantries, churches, daycare and senior centers, and many other community and social services organizations.

Also thanks to Tommy Huller (@thuller20) for helping me with the interviews. He is the one heard laughing at the end, feel free to call him out on it.