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David Beckham Approached By "Undisclosed Team" About Kicking In NFL

The worldwide soccer star has reportedly been approached about potentially kicking in the NFL. The scout and the team that is supposedly interested is unknown at the moment.

Michael Regan

Soccer, or "football", as it known everywhere in the world outside of the United States, is the most popular sport on the planet. Though America boasts some of the greatest athletes in the world (just watch the Olympics and you'll see evidence of that), soccer just isn't a mainstream sport in the country and thus we aren't a power player in the sport, globally.

Even so, you'd have to have been living in bomb shelter for the past ten to fifteen years if you don't know the name David Beckham. Though many who are avid soccer followers deem him as one of the more overrated players of his generation, he has been insanely productive and has one of the craziest long-distance shots ever seen in the sport. So much so, that his ability to control shots from far out on the pitch (AKA field) was the subject of a 2002 Kiera Knightley flick, titled "Bend it like Beckham".

He then became even more of a worldwide icon when he signed a mega deal with the L.A. Galaxy of the American-born MLS (Major League Soccer). Beckham is now on the verge of retirement from all leagues and is looking to hang up his cleats.

Or is he?

According to The Daily Mirror, an undisclosed NFL team recently approached Beckham about kicking for their club. It's not that far-fetched of an idea, really, given that so many NFL kickers have had soccer backgrounds.

A source in Hollywood said: "A couple of scouts felt that David has the potential to become a kicker in the NFL team, and one actually put a call into him for a trial.

"It is no secret that David is one of the best in the business when it comes to accuracy and length in his passing. And he has stood on the greatest stages to perform magnificent feats with his feet. Major league kickers can send the ball 40 yards straight - David has shown for the last 15 years he can do that week in week out. It was obvious too that if Becks took up the offer then any NFL franchise would be interested as his international appeal would generate billions in PR and commercial opportunities."

The source added: "The offer came in and he politely said that it wasn’t right for him. Perhaps in the next few months he could change his mind."

Given that Beckham is 38 years old, which is Methuselah-esque for a footballer, it's unlikely that he'd have that long of an NFL career in front of him. Still, kicking is obviously the least physically wearing of any position that you could play in the NFL and we've seen players at the postiion play into their mid and late-forties. Beckham could latch onto a club and give them a huge boost in ticket sales, if only for a couple of seasons.

There is one really interesting caveat to this topic and that is Roger Goodell's recent interest in expanding the NFL into London. Beckham is a native Englishman, so the connection there on multiple levels is obvious. Still, it appears that both an NFL team in London and another American sporting contract for Beckham are on hiatus for now.