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BB: A recap of things that were and what's to come

It's a quickie today. We take a look at what's happened this weekend and a preview of things to come.


+ Whether you're a Spurs fan, Heat fan, NBA fan, sports fan, last night's game six was great. Frustrating, coming from my core fandom with San Antonio. Shoulda, woulda, coulda. What happened with Tim Duncan during those defensive efforts at the end of regulation? Two second-chance threes sent the game into overtime. However, anyone that refuses to watch NBA games missed a great one.

+ Make sure to check in with Nick and the gang, premiering a new episode of Who-Dey Weekly later tonight. A preview on what to expect.

+ Anthony asked whether or not Andy Dalton is a franchise quarterback, highlighting (what seems to be) the never-ending prognostication about Dalton's future. Anthony followed that up with his criteria for what defines a franchise quarterback. Elite quarterback, franchise quarterback, terms that filter through the waterfall of debates really offers little sustenance in the end.

Whether or not Dalton is one, the Cincinnati Bengals are building well around him. Even the noticeable struggles towards the conclusion of the season were quieted, mainly due to a sustaining defense and a running game that successfully converted short yardage situations. By default, that will encourage a record of at least 8-9 wins every year. What Dalton can do is only icing to the overall conversation.

In other words, we hope that Dalton is. Right now, we're not dependant on it.

+ We take a look at Tyler Eifert's contract situation, why he hasn't signed and offer a reminder on the projected value of his contract.

+ If you've missed them, Mickey has been breaking down the interviews that he conducted at the Taste of the NFL event last week.