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Former Bengals DB Nate Clements would love to return to the Bengals

Former Cincinnati Bengals defensive back Nate Clements isn't sure that he'll be able to return and contract talks appear to be quiet.

Frank Victores-US PRESSWIRE

Defensive back Nate Clements is still without a home.

While training and hoping to latch on with a team this year, it appears that his future in Cincinnati may have reached its end. Telling Alex Marvez with, Clements, though open to returning, doesn't feel that it's likely.

Clements, who like many veteran free agents, is surprised that the new Collective Bargaining Agreement has been met with such limited interest.

During his two seasons with the Bengals, Clements started 24 of 28 games, posting three interceptions, three forced fumbles, a quarterback sack and 82 tackles. His contributions significantly decreased in the final quarter of the season last year, taking part in 16 defensive plays from week 12 through week 16 -- though he played all but one snap against the Ravens and Texans combined due to Terence Newman and Chris Crocker injuries.