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Buy Or Sell: Andre Smith, Adam Jones, OTAs And More

Josk Kirkendall and I answer some tough questions regarding OTAs, injuries and the 2013 Cincinnati Bengals.

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Buy or Sell: You're concerned about Andre Smith missing OTA practices.

Jason G. Buy. I'm concerned about everything when it comes to Andre Smith. It bothers me that he got a bigger contract for the season he had in 2012 and now he's nowhere to be found. I'm sure there's an excuse that we don't know about, but I want him to be on the field. I'm terrified that right now he's at a 24-hour buffet and he's gotten too big to fit out of the door. I'm afraid that when they find him, he'll be wrapped in bed sheets and chewing on a pig carcass.

Josh K. Buy. I get that Smith has personal issues that he's dealing with, of which Marvin Lewis is excusing already. But yea, the lack of work for me is primarily concerning his conditioning. His weight will be as much of a concern to me as say durability with Bernard Scott. It will take a lot for me to forget. On the other hand, I like that it's giving the opportunity for someone like Tanner Hawkinson some work.

Buy or Sell. You're concerned about Adam Jones' strain calf injury from last week.

Jason G. Sell: I think a strained calf isn't that big of a deal. I'm sure he'll be back on the field sooner rather than later. Jones seems to me to be a hard worker and I'm excited to see what he brings to the table now that he's a solidified member of the team.

Josh K. Sell: Based on the actual injury and what we know of it, I'm not concerned. However, there is a sense of "buy" that in the background. Or seller's remorse? Jones has simply been unable to stay healthy and strain calves have a propensity of popping up again later. I'll say that I'm not concerned about this actual injury, but if the question were more specific to Jones' durability, my opinion could change.

Buy or Sell: Cobi Hamilton makes the 53-man roster.

Jason G. Buy: I think Hamilton is a talented wide receiver that has impressed so far at OTAs. There are is a ton of talent at wide receiver already and the more the merrier. I believe that Hamilton could take the place of a guy like Ryan Whalen or Brandon Tate.

Josh K. Buy: Not only that. The Bengals coaching staff can't stop talking about him. Hamilton, mostly playing out wide, is making nice catches across the field, even under heavy traffic. If the team thinks Brandon Tate is their best returner and keeps him this year, then Hamilton could be that No. 6 receiver.

Buy or Sell: The Bengals will keep another undrafted free agent linebacker on the active roster in 2013 by keeping either Jordan Campbell or Jayson DiManche.

Josh K. Sell. There is no Vontaze Burfict and if you figure the team keeps six, then you have Burfict, Rey Maualuga, James Harrison, Emmanuel Lamur, Vincent Rey and Sean Porter. Plus I think someone like J.K. Schaffer may have a greater opportunity. If Dontay Moch resolves his migraines and stays on the field, he could factor, but he's a long-shot, in my opinion.

Jason G. Sell. While Campbell and DiManche are exciting prospects, Burfict was a whole different story. I could see Campbell or DiManche possibly playing on the practice squad and having shot in the future, but now in 2013.