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Top-25 outside pass rushers includes two Bengals

And we're fairly certain that they'll guess whom.

USA TODAY Sports's Around the League is ranking the top-25 best edge rushers in the league right now. Broken down into different categories "best of the best", "next level", "knocking on the door". Cincinnati Bengals defensive ends Carlos Dunlap and Michael Johnson were listed as "knocking on the door".

Dunlap is a fourth-year player we believe can take a significant leap.

Johnson put up most of his production in just a few big games before getting the franchise tag.

There are reasons for hesitation, and somewhat understandable.

Though Johnson is a franchise player, his best season came during a contract year. Are those two points related at all, or just unsubstantiated observations?

Dunlap hasn't played a full season yet, missing ten games over three seasons with an assortment of injuries.

Michael Johnson Carlos Dunlap
Seasons 4 3
Games 64 38
Snaps 2,699 1,390
Sacks 23.0 20
QB Hits 22 30
QB Pressures 82 74
Batted Passes 15 9

Not a bad combination to have... at least, for now.